It’s Storytime Sunday! And BACK by popular demand…is the off the chain…over the top short story I posted to Facebook not long ago! I have had people tell me I should make this into a book as well as starting writing other as well…so of course I just HAD to share it with all of you!

It should come as no surprise that one of the relatives of the monster from nightmares long ago…would once again rear it’s ugly head in the land of Studiolife. In Honeybee City no less…just off of Stinky Toy Lane and not far from Burger Boulder.

It thought it could hide in the AstroTurf surrounding the local lumber mill…using wood chips to cover itself and feeding on catnip bananas til dark when it would scurry out to call in reinforcements to terrorise the population of the suburbs.

The mayor of Honeybee City–completely oblivious to the danger of her quiet and trusting community…was just returning back from helping the citizens of LooLoo land by doing her part to help sweep the streets and…bin any refuse. Reorganising and beautifying the landscape to help ensure that the folks in the adjoining countryside could have life just a tad easier.

On her way back thru the archways of Satchel and pathway of Gold Dirt Bikes…treading lightly so as to not wake the giant spider Otis, who was keeper of the archway. But only at night, when the Crinkle Balls came out to play and totally cluttered the pathway…making it unsafe for travel for the Stinky Toys the next day. Not to mention…ruining the playing field for the local hockey puck game and dancing pony show that everyone loved so very much!

As the Mayor of Honeybee City emerged from the pathway…she saw SuperLogan on patrol and walking towards her to chat her up bout his daily payment of candy for doing such a fine job of protecting and overseeing the land. Suddenly! Everything went quiet…not a bird..nor a cricket could be heard. The Stinky Toys vanished back into their hidey holes at a sense that not all was well.

Movement caught SuperLogan’s eye as he had just come from Kibble Beach and was walking past the Lumber Mill. The Mayor of Honeybee City watched in horror as the quick thinking Logan swatted at a pile of wood chips and catnip pillows to reveal…GIGANTOR!! Second cousin once removed from the much smaller monster Squiggly Wiggly who was banished to the Netherworld just last year.

Gigantor tried to hide himself by using Buddy…night guard at the Lumber Mill for a shield. But the fast on his feet Logan was too quick! Tossing a catnip pillow in the direction of the beast!

Releasing Buddy, Gigantor scrambled as fast as he could using the power of his hundreds of legs…into the nearby cave of Fouton. Logan was hot on his trail! The Mayor of Honeybee City fast realised that as brave as SuperLogan was…he could get cornered in the twists and turns of the cave and could get hurt and the massive monster might get away. So she grabbed the shield of Krylon…and the her vessel of Ceramide and gave chase.

But Gigantor tried to outsmart them both by scurrying out a crevice and disappearing. Panic ensued as SuperLogan came out the cave and met the Mayor and the two stared at eachother in fear and disbelief.

Then! Suddenly!…As the fickle finger of fate would have it…movement caught the talented Logan’s eye with his impressive night vision power and once again the chase was on! Gigantor had tried to squeeze himself into a crack at the back of the cave…but had been spotted in the nick of time!

But wait! NOOO! As SuperLogan made his move and the Mayor of Honeybee City peered into the darkness…the creature escaped!!

Did he have powers of invisibility?? No! He had found an exit and scooted out the back of the cave…moving at an outstandingly fast pace under some plastic boulders alongside the cave to make a roundabout and pop out at the entrance in hopes of foiling everyone’s plan.

Working together at bionic speeds…SuperLogan helped herd the monster right into the Mayor’s path and she slammed the vessel of Ceramide over the creature. Carefully covering it with the shield of Krylon and reciting the speech of banishment…she crossed the land of Stinky Toys. Past the Station of Safeway to impressively move the giant Tree of Furdom guarding the door to the Land of Planks…where the monster was then banished to.

And everyone in Studiolife cheered! And the Mayor rewarded SuperLogan for his selfless act of bravery with candy and din din and a couple of smooches…cause that’s just how we roll. Then she went off to Burger Boulder for breakfast on the Moors as the sun shone down on the citizens of the land. Letting them all know that peace had resumed and all was well once more. And the Dancing Pony show could now begin!

Until next time…stay tuned for more misadventures with…Honeybee and SuperLogan!

Do hope you enjoyed this my lovelies! Stay well and safe…love and be loved…cherish every moment…and always be thankful. Til we meet again tomorrow–Honeybee and Logan

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