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I have been following Faith,s work for about 2 yrs. I love seeing the outline of her work and then as she adds to it, it is very exciting and the finished picture is always amazing.
June Rone
Facebook Community
What a lovely picture you did for me Faith Setley it looks gorgeous in my dining room. I enjoyed working with you, you were professional and so helpful. Thank you
Barb Koch
Facebook Community
My favorite print of Faith’s amazing work. You can almost hear the hoof beats and feel the breeze caused by this horse flying by! She is such a gifted artist! 💕
‎Linda Humphreys Rosengren‎
Facebook Community
I've been following Faith for a few years now.. Her attention to detail is beautiful. She puts everything into all she does.. From photography to commissions.. Watching each piece and it's journey from outline to painting is a privilege.. Love always
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I just want to say Faith Honeybee Setley The work you have done for My friends and Me has been BEAUTIFUL. The Details of all the work you have done for me has been amazing and so life like it's crazy. I am so glad God sent me to you that day many years ago to remind you how good your art work really is. May you continue to lighten others with your work for many years to come. Love always
Mike Gill
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so that I don't bombard you with notifications I will tell you that I love, love not just like, everything you have done. Beautiful creativity. Thanks
Laurel Sarett‎
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I have been a follower of Faith Honeybee Setley for several years. It has been amazing to watch the progression of her projects, from sketch to finished painting. She is so talented in many styles and mediums, and is very encouraging and instructive to budding artists.
Harriett W. Williams‎
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Your page here made this a better Saturday night for me. I love the raw innocence of your work. There is a strange irony to happening upon your work in that I am currently writing a novel about a dog. I am a humor writer so this is a comic novel. "The Tragic Life of Ralphie the Pit Bull" does have an illustrator who is in the other group. Anyway, just wanted to express my appreciation for your work. Cheers!
Gaz Ghettohipster‎
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