Greetings all! Long time…no see! Having to do this a whole different way right now so hope this works and do bear with me.

Truly hope all are doing well out there. This world has gone bonkers hasn’t it? Alot has happened in my life as well and most of it not good. So praying I can keep going with everything as well as sending hugs and prayers to all those out there who are struggling. And to those who are managing…please help those who aren’t. That…and not money is what makes the world go round and is one of many things that help us on the way to being the best versions of ourselves that we can be while we let God do the rest.

If all goes ok….if…I will be making some changes to this blog. I will be talking about art and techniques and products and all kinds of art stuff but also talking about health and wellness and motivation as that has never been more of a concern than lately in this world. Hopefully thru articles of all kinds and art lessons as well as some short stories on this blog…someone out there might get a glimmer of hope, whether it be from an a lesson…some sort of a product, some information to enlighten them or even just a short story that uplifts their heart and gets them out of a very dark place. If only for a little while.

Not sure how many will see this blog as sometimes when one is gone for quite awhile….people forget, but I will be posting this link to my fb page as well and if you do drop by…leave a comment and say cheers!

Like the photo uptop? This was a commission I did a long time ago on paper. Didn’t have any fancy art pads back then-I was just starting over as an artist after having been away from it for yrs. What did I use? Well…my fingers for most of it…some charcoal sticks and some white acrylic paint in a wash. What’s a wash? It’s when you add water to any type of paint that can be made water soluble and I will do an article about that soon God willing. But I drew this first and what did I use? Pencils. Some very special pencils that I love,love,love. They are called Staedtler Lumograph Pencils. They come in various shades from H-12B and everything in between. I will be going into more detail about these in my next blog as I just popped on but let me just say…that you can do some pretty cool things with these and they blend really easily and the fact that they come in all different shades from extra light to super dark means you can add alot of dimension to your work without poking holes in things to get the darkness you want as well you don’t have to rub your paper raw to lighten the effect either. They come in various sizes of packs and as someone who has tried just regular graphite pencils and they just don’t work for me….gotta say once I tried the Staedtler Lumograph, ones I never looked back.

As you can see here…mine have alot of miles on them. One pack got caught in a paint wash (whoops!) I get mostly small packs like the one on the right and it does fair well and has all you really need but if you want to expand on more of a variety of shades the one on the left has 19 shades and they even go up to 24 in a pack on Amazon but those are over $40. This one with 19 in I paid over $30 for and the smaller ones with the 12 pencils in go for $20-$25 but you get tons of use out of them. I will talk more about these little gems in the next blog and how I have used them in art projects but for now I will try (not done this before) and leave a link here for the small pack on Amazon if anyone is interested in trying them out-I believe these ones are a little over $20

Here’s the link:

That’s all for now–if this link works (and I tried it so it should) let me know (I will put this link on my fb regular wall post also so if this one doesn’t work go to Faith Setley on facebook-look on my wall for the post, should be uptop and try the link there) and if you get to go to Amazon via the link and decide to get the pencils…let me know how they work for you! This pack (again if the link works) has the complete set of shades you need in a smaller pack for an affordable price and it’s in stock. Hope this helps. Have a great day everyone and just know that you matter and that life would not be the same without you. Take care and stay awesome. Chat soon.

Much love-Faith Honeybee Setley and my little old Logan

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