It is I the Artful Blogger….back yet again after being MIA for the last 6 months. Truly sorry bout that. Life happened and I was not prepared and forgot who I was and what I stood for.

Christmas Day has passed and another New Year looms yet ahead. And if you are reading this I pat you on the back whole heartedly my friend because you…are still here.

Some people celebrated Christmas…some did not. For the ones who did I hope it was truly joyous and peaceful and full of love. I put a poll on a site awhile ago asking who was going to be celebrating the Holidays and if so…why not? Some said religious factors of varying degrees from differences within the beliefs of the family to being atheists to the fact that Jesus was not born on this man set Holiday. A small percentage stated that it had been made too commercial and had lost it’s…’magic’. Then there were others who said they simply could not afford the gifts or even the meal itself….then still others who felt so beat down by life that they wanted to give up.

As far as religious factors go…I am a Christian myself…and well aware that alot of the dates for things in this world have been created falsely. To me…that doesn’t make the reason for the celebration any less significant. If a person so desires…they can look up the date of Jesus actual birth and hold a celebration on that day…then choose if they will to celebrate life and love on Dec 25th. As far as commercialism goes…yes the industries do what they have always done to advert the heck out of things but…it is up to us whether or not we go big…or keep it simple. We choose what is in our hearts…what we value…not someone else. And there are lots of people who celebrate Christmas…who are not any ‘type’ of faith atal. So many it seems have put this time of the year in a little box and labeled it and put it on a shelf only to be taken out if all the requirements are meant. And that is a sad thing indeed.

For those who cannot afford gifts…for any Holiday I offer this. You can make them…or do promissory notes for things you can do with that person when you are able. Doesn’t have to be about money. You can promise children to take them someplace for a game of footy…you can promise to take someone for a walk and take your cameras and have a blast…or a picnic of the simplest type when you get the chance. My Nan had 7 little ones and lived on food stamps and never missed a Christmas. For a meal….whatever food you have…get the family involved. Tell them to each choose something and see what they can make with it. It doesn’t have to be Christmas specific…if you have tuna and Kraft dinner and salad dressing…you can make tuna salad…if you have nothing but Froot Loops for desert…so be it. The point is…you are with the ones you love…don’t look at what you haven’t got.Look at what is in front of you and what holds your heart. And trust me I know tis easier said than done, but it isn’t the almighty dollar what creates the beauty and the magic…it’s within you.

For the precious souls who have given up…I say this. Don’t. I know you will probably say…what do you know about it? You might say…I just cannot try anymore…or I have nothing to celebrate…you might say it’s too hard to keep trying or if I don’t try I can’t get hurt anymore. To which I say oh …my precious children…I know way more than you think. I spent most of my life in the muck of things…so believe me…I do understand. But guess what? You do have something to celebrate. Nothing happens by accident is what I believe. If you are reading this-tis for a reason. If you celebrate this time of year for nothing else…do it because you…are still here. From last Christmas to this one…you made it and are still here. Whether it be standing…sitting…crawling…or lying on the floor in a puddle of tears…dearheart…YOU ARE STILL HERE. And what would ever be the reason to try? Well…I have seen what happens to souls when they stop…and it is not a place you wish to go. Not to mention the what ifs. What if you give up and what if…some little tiny thing were to happen tomorrow that could start the changes in you and your life…but you missed it because you quit? This is the time of year to refocus…to reboot…to reflect. Not New Years…but now. People do the same thing every New Year…they make a ton of resolutions and then Jan 2nd pops up and stuff happens when the world comes back into focus and everything gets flushed down the loo.

To me…this is a magical time…a special time of the year…when the world slows down and people’s lives seem to get put into little plastic bubbles or snow globes and what goes on around you is still happening but…there is just something serene about it all. Like in World War Z when Brad Pitt injects himself with a lethal virus and start walking down the one hallway and the zombies just run past him like he is not even there because they only want to bite healthy people. He is walking and you see him but the zombies rushing past him are a blur. That is what this time of year is like. It is a time to realise who we are as human beings…to take stock of what is important…what we truly want…and if we have the fight within us to reach out and try just one more time.Every life is precious…every life matters. YOU matter. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. You are special and amazing. And if nothing else then celebrate this time of year for the reason that you are still here and still have the chance to try because once you quit…there are no more chances. And I happen to think you are awesome And Logan and I love you.

Starting now…there will be some changes to my sites..going to try and be more active for one thing…get back into art videos on my YouTube Art channel and start doing more art blogs here as well as start a new segment on my Instagram where I do little vids talking about types of paint and what you can do with them…effects you can make and so on. On my Personal YouTube channel I will still be doing fun stuff like stretches and recipes…vids on Logan…but I also want to start talking about some serious stuff…things that just might help people who need to find their way out of whatever muck they might be in. Will be a segment called “Let’s Talk About It’ I will also be doing blogs here involving the same thing and going to try and start an Instagram page posting things on the same subject. There are alot of hurting souls out there and if I can help in any way…well that’s what I will try and do.

Logan sends his love and furry head butts and chirps to any and all who need them. And I send my love to everyone as well…plus wishes for strength…health…love…hope…hugs…warmth…and for any little thing that could possibly make you smile. Even if it be my Logan ornament I found shown here. We love you all…and are grateful for each soul that crosses our path…whether it be friends…subscribers…followers…readers…viewers…visitors or those lovely people we have yet to meet. Keep being awesome. Season’s Greetings-WE LOVE YOU! Chat soon-love and hugs-bye for now

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