Hi guys-I am back…with part 2 of this writing snippit what came out my mind from absotively no place. For all of you that have viewed this and liked this–thank you beyond words! For those who have left such fab comments-that means the world to me you have no idea! Shout out of love to all those what visit my blog–you guys rock! Now…for those who read part 1 of this, you might want to go back and refresh on names and things just in case…for those reading part 2 here….check out part 1…and then come back so your brains aren’t going…”say what?” So…without further ado….let’s go!

(When we last left Sam-she was in the bathroom…hearing strange noises…)

She went to reach for her machete and found… empty space where her good luck charm SHOULD have been. In a moment of bone chilling terror she soon realized… it was downstairs with Reuben, after his own weapon had gone amiss and they assumed the house was now clear.

Frantically her eyes darted round the bathroom looking for something….anything to use in self defense. Her pulse raced as the afternoon sun gave way to evening shadows and the candles lining the hallway glowed brighter with each passing second.

The sound was getting closer. There was no mistaking the soft thud…drawn out scratching and the scuffing of fabric against carpet.. It….was coming up the stairs.

Her heart in her mouth, she looked out the window. She already knew the answer but had hoped she had missed something–a way to another floor…a ledge. Nope…just a straight drop down. Die here, or die there. She backed up as far as she could against the loo and watched helplessly as the sound kept coming. Perhaps she could run to another room? But if they had missed one…who knew if there were others, and it was getting darker by the moment. Not to mention, how fast would things happen once she was face to face with it? The candlelight eerily illuminated the corridor and gave life to things that shouldn’t be whilst hiding what she needed to see. She was questioning her every move. Straining her eyes towards the bathroom doorway…something caught her attention. A glint… off something closest to the door…the towel rack!

What if the screws were fastened too tight? How many years had it been there? No time to think…she grabbed the towel on the rod and yanked it to the floor. Blood pounding in her ears, she gripped the bar and pulled for all she was worth. Nothing happened.

Thud…scratch…scuff……ever closer

She pulled harder…feeling sick inside. “God help m-me!” Sam gasped as the noises, now amplified, were nearly upon her

She gave one final yank…and the bar gave way! Jolting her backwards, screws flying in all directions as the bracket hit the floor. But only half the rack had let go! The pipe pulled out of her hand as Sam lost her balance, and nearly toppled into the bathtub. The jagged end of the metal sliced thru her palm and she could feel the warmth of her own blood gush down her fingers and splat onto the tiles below.

Now… impossible to get a grip on the bar Sam grabbed the still damp face towel off the vanity-here was a recipe for infection if ever there was one. She quickly flung half over the stem on the remaining bracket and wrapped the other half round the bar. Gripping the pipe in her blood soaked left hand and closing her right hand round the bracket…dripping with sweat, she took a step back, bracing her left foot against the tub but keeping her right foot against the wall in front of her. Heart exploding in her chest, with toes painfully schmooshed up against the baseboard–she was just about to pull like her life depended on it when………..the world went silent

Movement…out the corner of her eye. In that moment…the universe ceased to exist. It wasn’t the sort of movement that you want to acknowledge, nor the sort you can look at and return to whatever you were doing at the time and it won’t ever effect you. It was the sort of movement that, nightmares are made of.

In slow motion Sam turned her head. Eyes widening in the dimming light, the cause of the noise had come into view. All she could hear in that minute, was the pounding in her own ears…her blood hitting the floor…and her lungs screaming for air.

In the illumination of the candlelight…over the top step…came an arm. The soft thud as the fingernails hit the floor…the scratch as they dragged across the carpet, and the the body was pulled along behind. Then the other arm…thud…scratch…scuff. Her sopping wet hair plastered to her face, Sam watched in horror as it’s head came into view. Time was moving so fast even though it played out like hours…and for some reason she was paralyzed to move.

It’s face to the floor, she could see the outline of curly matted hair. The shoulders had now become visible and with one hand it gripped the newel post whilst using it’s other arm to push itself up over the landing. In one epic motion it pulled itself round the corner of the banister, and she caught a glimpse of gold swinging in the candlelight. With increased momentum it pulled itself towards the bathroom…towards blood…towards Sam.

Lifting it’s head…eyes glazed over white….it stared into her soul and the noise from it’s mouth sucked the life from her heart.

She recognized the glimpse of gold…she recognized the hair….she recognized…it. And it…was still coming

It………..was Anna.

I hope you all enjoyed part 2 of this doodad I wrote. If you think I should write an entire book round this…feel free to let me know in the comments! Once again Love to you all and thanks oodles for standing by me in that which I do! Have a great day and see you soon!

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