Not been on here doing this in proper ages….do so apologise..but as we all too well know…life can be insane. Even more so nowdays.

There are so very many who are finding life to be…more than they can handle at the minute. Overwhelmed…scared….depressed…hopeless. Feelings that have spanned the decades since this world began….now compounded with all what be going on around us. Tis bad enough when our own little snow globes be filled with a roller coaster of emotions…based on events in our own lives. But to be pummeled with the world’s tsunami of never ending twaddle as well….for some it can be almost too much.

Some deal…or cope…put on a brave face…and go about their lives essentially existing because to try for anything else is too painful…or they let the darkness they have been doing battle with for so long…literally bury them alive.

Since the beginning of time there have been consistents what make sense….if we would only stop to think bout things.

I am not a Guru….but I am someone who has been blown about…smothered…trampled on and beaten down by alot of things during the course of my life. As well I have also been witness to those not as fortunate as I….who got pulled out to sea by life’s storms…and never made it back.

Things have always been south of proper in this world. Made only worse the last few yrs it seems so that most cannot catch a break. I have watched people with beautiful families who seemingly have so much to be thankful for and so much to want to try for…whether it be careers…or goals….or just those who love them–absolutely give up due the overwhelming state of things. Be it circumstances or emotions.

I see all the time on the interweeb…how it is said to start each day being happy….but they don’t say how. All the lists you are supposed to make about the things you are thankful for–but people read those a couple times and they are still anxious…upset and scared…so It very rarely sinks in. They tell you to go out and do something for someone else instead of focusing on your own issues…thoughts…feelings and life so that someone else can benefit from your help and you can feel better. Problem again with this …even though all of these things be true…you are not calming the storm within you long enough to push back all the bad stuff…plain and simple.

Now…if it sounds like I am being Ms Negative…truth is…I am not. I have spent most of my life running races on the never ending treadmill of life whilst the winds of change have bruised and battered me about…and ended up screaming”WHY!” at my ceiling. And then…..I woke up. And I started to focus on some things what made tremendous sense. For years I felt like a budgie what was being battered about in a ping pong tournament….and I know that there are more than a few lost souls reading this what be feeling the same.

The thing is…people nowdays not only have a tornado going on within themselves…but are being overwhelmed by the hurricane of life as well. So they only know that they want it to be all ok and bombard themselves with a half a hundred things to try all at once without the patience to take shelter whilst the downpour subsides and they get washed away by all the self help stuff. I mean think about it….unless you are a boisterous child (aka-a ball of noise with some dirt on it Lol) odds are…you go into the pool a little at a time…toe first…then your feet…and so on. The same applies here. Baby steps. And keep things simple for the first while.

For starters…how many people grab their phones or iPad first thing in the morning? Don’t do that. Any peace you got whilst sleeping=gone bye bye. When you open your eyes…before you get out of bed–say 5 things you are thankful for in that moment. Start off with one foot in the peaceful train before you get on the floor. Now close your eyes and take a deep breath…hold for a count of 4 and let go slowly. Do this 10 times. This slows your brain waves. Don’t expect to be perfec at this for awhile…specially if you are a bundle of knots. Keep at it for a couple weeks. After 10 times…say to yourself “I’m ok-I can do anything. Nothing is going to happen that I cannot handle” Repeat this for 5 minutes–saying it slowly. Then get up and leave off the tele…phone and computer/radio for at least an hour.

At night about an hour before bed…do something relaxing…soak in the tub or listen to music…anything that means you can calm your mind…stay off the phone-tele-computer-radio. When you go to bed list 5 things that you are thankful for at the moment–nothing negative. Then do your breathing –breathe in–hold for a 4 count and breathe out slowly…repeat 10 times. As you become more relaxed….you can do the breathing for a bit longer. The trick is to let your mind slow so that your brainwaves mimic those of deep sleep. Then say to yourself ” I’m ok–I can do anything. Nothing is going to happen that I cannot handle” Repeat this slowly til you fall asleep. Morning and night are the two best times to enforce anything positive within your brain. If you say something enough…you start to think it…if you think something enough…you start to believe it.

So my lovelies…..JUST BREATHE

Let me know if this helps anyone…..if you try it…or if you want me to post more. I speak from experience. My life is so much better now…and I wish the same for all of you Love and hugs–Faith Honeybee Setley

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  1. I truly needed to hear this. It’s wonderful advice!! I’ve been trying to keep my head above water for ages now, and I’m getting tired. I’ve taken to repeating the old adage….”How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” When everything I should/need/want to do overwhelms me, I need to stop, take a few deep breaths, step back, and remember…..”One bite at a time!” I love you and appreciate your friendship.

    1. I am so happy that I can make things just a little bit less stressful for you precious Harriet W. Williams. If we never learn to push back the darkness….it will smother us…..and if I can help anyone atal…believe me…I will do all I can to do so. Love you too dear lass…you are an awesome friend.

    1. Thank you from the bottom of me heart sweet Scribblynns…my life is awesome now. Tis so easy for people to become lost in the darkness and never find their way back. If I can help anyone with what worked for me…I am happy to do so. Take care lovely x

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