Greetings fellow Earthlings! I am back once more! Now before I do anything else…just want to say thank you so very much to all the lovely souls who came out to read my first blog last night. You are all amazing! As well thanks oodles for all the fab comments and likes…I am so blessed. Ok ok…enough mushy stuff. Down to business (ya right Lol)

I thought I would start off by talking a bit about my roots…no not the ones on me head-nice try you silly people…but… back in the day before the day when I was a mere figment of me own imagination…now THAT’S the stuff what dreams be made of. (I need more pop!)

Alot of precious souls have asked me bout my life and heritage and all…so I thought I would share. My British heritage comes from both Broad Oak Kent and Low Green Knottingley Yorkshire England…and when my Nan and Gramps settled here in country of the giant maple leaf…it was when they were first mucking about with development. So…they bought one of the first homes in an area right off the…you guessed it…train tracks. My Dad’s stepdad helped build the railway lines so all in all…trains run thru blood. No wonder my sinuses hurt sometimes!

My Nan had seven children and was and will always be a very strong lady–unless…you count thunder storms…those were her kryptonite. She was a Silver Cross Mum to the boys in the war and did all she could to help anyone less fortunate. She would make boxes up of things she had made and bits of food from their massive gardens and the kids would take it round and put it on people’ decks…ring the bell and run like mad. She made up care packages to send overseas even though they lived on food stamps for certain things like butter and whatnot. (Bet you didn’t know you could get whatnot with food stamps huh? Did ya? Well now ya do! I ain’t just a pretty paintbrush ya know! Lol)

She was also an oil painter which I never found out bout til later in my life as by the time I came along…she had stopped and her work had gone to a family member and then filtered out into the sea of “who has that again?” She also knitted and made magic out of what she had. Potato sack clothes done up as dresses..making extra pounds of butter by combining margarine with butter…softening it up and creating new bricks. She toiled along with her children in the fields of their huge property whilst her husband worked a factory job…and, when they weren’t trying to catch the ever elusive and escaping outhouse that kept floating away to the nether regions of their property everytime it poured as the land was shaped with a slope from their house. Then it ran into a gully then back up a hill to the other half of the fields. The rain would fill the gully and wash the outhouse all the way up to the corn fields at the opposite end of said property. So…didn’t matter if it be Spring Summer-Fall or Winter…most times when you had to go… either it was too bleatin cold and you forgot why you went out there in the first place. Or…the outhouse had run away from home and by the time you found it and dragged it home–you didn’t have to go anymore.

I will introduce you to each one of my Nan’s children as well her and her hubby in my next blog…well one at a time else I would be writing the sequel to War and Peace it be that long! My Nan on my Dad’s side was also a talented lady…she could neither read nor write til someone taught her AFTER she was married. Then she started memorising everything. from the phone book to knitting patterns. She could go into a darkened movie theater to watch a flicker show and come out with a pair of diamond patterned socks! Crikey…I can’t even put a diamond patterned pair of socks on IN a darkened movie theater–don’t ask! (face palm!)

The photo above is something kith and kin to what Hanover looked like when my family moved here…from a WHOLE nother world isn’t it? I hope you enjoyed this little snippit as the start into my existence. Do so love sharing with all you lot! As I type this I am sitting here munching a Greek Yogurt muffin from Foodland and some tuna and a bit of cheese. Was scorching hot out today as I made my way round some errands. So my heart goes out to anyone who had an outdoor job…you guys are outstanding! Logan…having come down from his Birthday high…well ok…he hasn’t. Lol But he is enjoying his minced turkey dinner from Pet Value (Wellness brand). I am off to get a glass of pop as my brain is screaming that it is not happy with the water situation and needs caffeine…that’s my story and I am sticking to it! So there!

Have a great night all…stay cool and safe…play hard and rest well …may you love and be loved. And always be thankful.

Til we meet again tomorrow–Faith Honeybee Setley and Logan

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