Starting my very first blog on Logan’s Beeday…let alone Canada Day is indeed a triple Hoot! Dipping my toe into the proverbial waters of linguistics and tom foolery and adding a dash of knowledge combined with a smattering of experience…common sense and heart. Now THERE’S a recipe for …either a best selling blockbuster…or…upside down flip rubble double bubble cake!

Hi there–I am Faith Honeybee Setley…eccentric British special effects mixed media 3D artist…photographer…YouTuber…now blogger…and at some point writer and speaker. EEEK! Did I say that? And everything that makes me who I am…I am totally chuffed to share with all of you! This little ditty be about my furbaby Logan on his very special day.

I got this little moppet of mine when he was just 1 1/2yrs old and what a journey it has been so far. He was a rescue cat…he rescued us both…as I will explain in further blogs amongst sooo many other treats and treasures for you guys in our journey in this creative life of ours. He is Autistic as well as prone to Paresthesia seizures and nearly died before I ever got the chance to get to know him atal.

Today we are just chillin…well…Logan be chillin …I have been doing promo work and trying to conquer the maze that be technology so I can find the cheese and NOT be posting this to you in Egyptian Hieroglyphics Lol. It is scorching hot here-has been all day 30 degrees to be exact so I have both the fan on as well the aircon and have at times had to wet down the Birthday boy to give him some comfort. Later I have to clean his water bowl again because…for some reason only known to aliens…he keeps dunking his tail in it.

For his Beeday he had treats…or what we call here in the world of Kittydom…’Candy’ and some of his Pate kitten food from Pet Value…as well a catnip pillow and stuffed Bun Bun (I’ll let you sort out what THAT is!)…that you can add …you guessed it! Catnip too! (no Bun Buns were harmed in the making of this Birthday I assure you!)

Tomorrow he gets his REAL pressie–a new tree! I do believe I am more kercited than he will be bout the whole thing! For tonight though, he is snuggled up with his stuffed puppy atop the entertainment center dreaming dreams of tuna juice which he will have later after a solid brushing and he and I playing yet another game of wet rat to cool him off.

Everyday there is something different and special with this little bug-a-boo. I would not want to be without him and I cannot envision it…nor do I want to. He is…a noise with some dirt on it…a tornado with feet…a balloon stuck to the ceiling…marches to the beat of his own band (but it be all Air Guitar! Lol) and has been the subject of countless short stories I have written using his alter ego–SuperLogan. Which I will also have to share with all of you! I love him to bits I do…and even though I may not write bout him every single time here…when I do next I will have to tell you bout how we met!Which involves another little furry Angel by the name of Boo!

So…have a great night my lovelies stay cool and safe…play hard and rest well…may you love and be loved…and always be thankful.

Til we meet again tomorrow –Faith Honeybee Setley and Logan

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