Hi guys-not been on here for proper ages. Been going thru alot of things and will explain all soon as. Totally missed you though and wanted to give you a snippit of some writing that popped into me head. Let me know what you think. This is part 1-

Standing under the shower head, face upturned towards the tepid drizzle…Sam’s mind was racing a mile a minute with no off switch in sight.

In her heart she was conflicted. She wanted them to find more survivors. The whole ‘safety in numbers-pass on what you know’ type thing. And yet…what was going to happen down the line? Food, water, supplies…shelter? No one knew how this all started…not the true origin anyway…and the rate of infected vs uninfected…

STOP! Just stop. Giving her brain the proverbial slap in the face. Appreciate what you have and live in the moment.

Just breathe-she told herself as she fumbled for the body wash she had found on the almost empty shelves in the hygiene department during their last pillage of the local dollar store. Smells like chocolate it said. Squirting some into her palm and taking a whiff-“Uugghh!” She choked. “A chocolate covered dead skunk be more like it.” Oh well…beggars can’t be choosers her Nan used to say Soap is soap.

Turning the water off to lather up she could faintly hear Reuben cross by the bottom of the stairwell below and mumble something unintelligible to what Sam assumed was Natalie. Must have been a joke Sam mused as she could hear the innocence of a faint giggle.

Doing her hair with a 2 in 1 plucked from the netherworld of her rucksack, her brain once again started to wander. Water…what is this situation going to unfold like? Did she dare tell these people that had put so much faith in her that eventually it would get harder to find? Uninfected water that is. Or how could she clue them in to the fact that they might have to hunker down in one place at a time for an indefinite period whilst taking advantage of as many nearby supplies as possible…as scary as that may seem…all the while praying that the next town had not been picked clean by…”BULLOCKS!” She yelped.

Reality check- as she turned off the water and glanced up in time to have one lost orb of liquid splat her in the eye. “Ya ya…I got it. Be grateful in the moment. Yeesh!”

Sighing, she stepped out of the shower into a room filling with shadows as the sun had moved off of that section of the house. How bleatin long had she been in here? It had been mid afternoon when she had come upstairs but…seriously? Grabbing a towel she sat down on the closed loo seat and squeezed as much water out of her ‘thankful to be clean’ hair as possible. Then she stood up and wrapped the towel round herself whilst she sorted out her clothes.

Total silence had filled the rest of the house. All exhausted, Reuben, Anna and Natalie had most likely flopped in the back bedrooms on the main floor and Markus and Sally with little Ariel were in the cellar’s wreck room. Whilst Lynda and Shawn were in the guest room off the no longer used laundry facilities. And then there was…Victor……

Sam had just gotten her clothes out and was trying to decide between the cleanest of the dirty…when she heard it. She paused…refastened the towel round herself and listened as the light began to fade in the cramped tiny bathroom. There it was again. A sound like no other. A sound that makes one heart skip a beat once you know what it is. A few weeks ago if someone had asked her what that sound was, she would have given a blank stare as a reply. Now she knew it all too well.

She went to reach for her machete and found…


Let me know what you think in the comments down below as well as where you think this is going to go! Take care and have a great day! Love you all!

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    1. Ahhh Thank you so very much my friend! Makes me so happy you feel that way! Your support is awesome and so are you and I wish you an awesome night!

  1. Wow!!! That gave me chills! Can’t wait to see what the noise was, and what happens next!

    1. What would I do without you luv? Your appreciation of my work and your support are truly off the chain and I simply cannot thank you enough! Part 2 tomorrow!So happy you feel that way and I wish you an amazing night!

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